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Chambers at Large in Donegal Town

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

One of my favourite towns in Ireland is Donegal, set on the coast in the North West. It isn’t a big town, but it is a very welcoming one and there are lovely places to see and people to meet. There are a number of eateries too, thus it is easy to spend a day there, if not a mini-break as the county itself has a great deal to offer.

The Diamond is the centre of the town, which is a roundabout and I must warn pedestrians and drivers that the red markings on the roads are the equivalent of zebra crossings! Drivers, please drive slowly around the town and keep your eyes peeled for those of us who are in the know and just step out expecting traffic to stop!

In the summer months there is the likelihood of a band playing on The Diamond, although there is plenty of music to be found in many of the pubs and hotels. Check this out as it’s a fun-loving area and traditional music as well as country and western is very popular.

Donegal Castle - Well worth a visit as it has a fascinating history

Donegal Castle is just off the Diamond and is worth a visit. Much restoration work has been done and the history of those who once lived there is fascinating.

One particular gentleman, Red Hugh O’Donnell, is remembered via a statue near the quayside.

He founded the friary, also called the abbey, which is unfortunately in ruins, but is overlooks Donegal Bay.

It’s a good place to start a walk along the river bank or through the town. The tourist office is nearby and the car park has plenty of space for coaches, cars and vans. I always seem to be in Donegal town when the tide is out, but beware of high tide, which can flood the car park.

Take a trip to Donegal Town. It proves that the best of things come in small packages!


Donegal is a marvellous county to visit. Please check out my other blogs of what to see and do on the Wild Atlantic Way.

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Thank you for a peaceful commentary with equally tranquil photos.....much appreciated in this time of social distancing and general worry.

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