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There is nothing quite like a murder mystery & A E Chambers is a huge fan of Agatha Christie.

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Righting wrong is not an easy task, but Inspector Wright rises to the challenge in ten short stories, set in the mid 1950s.


In a London suburb a man is found dead on a living room floor, but there is no sign of a murder weapon and the suspects are remaining mute.  By a stream, flowing through a district in south London, a young girl is found floating, face down, not dressed for the winter weather and, in another story, Wright finds himself in the Home Counties solving an early morning shooting in the grounds of a manor house.


Even over Christmas Wright is faced with several murders to solve, but the New Year brings good news too.


The intrepid Inspector Wright first featured in the TREE MYSTERIES by acclaimed author A E Chambers, and on a couple of occasions he seeks the advice of Frieda Keeler, the shrewd novelist, who is the lead character in the series.


Take a trip back in time and work with Wright as he rights wrongs, solves crimes and brings killers to justice.

The TREE SERIES, set in the 1950s, features Frieda Keeler and her good friend, Charlotte Leicester, who find murder and mayhem wherever they go.


The first in the series is MURDERING YEW, in which the intrepid duo visit Yew Tree Lodge in picturesque north Wales.  Murder is not on the menu, but when one of the diners drops dead during dessert, favoured guests and award winning hosts come under suspicion.

In the second novel in the series, MURDERING THE ELDERS, Frieda agrees to accompany her good friend, Charlotte, to a salubrious retirement home in Kirton Hackness, a small village in the north east of England.  Once installed in the gatehouse, they quickly discover the elderly residents are dying in very suspicious circumstances and soon find themselves seeking a clever, capable killer.



Prolific novelist, Chauncery Pope, is found dead one morning in his London apartment by his researcher, Frieda Keeler.  At his funeral Frieda, and her good friend Charlotte, are introduced to the Sycamores, a motley group of people who are avid fans of the author.


Dame Julia Cowper, the chairwoman of the Sycamore Club, invites Frieda and Charlotte to join her and the club members for the Easter weekend at Gaskall Hall, Cowper’s stately home in Woodbridge, where she plans to commemorate Pope by constructing a museum in his honour.


However, within hours of arriving at Gaskall Hall, one of the club members is murdered and Frieda’s life is put in immanent danger.

Following the death of her new neighbour, Frieda Keeler is invited to stay at Linden Grange in Lowestoft, the home place of the eccentric Linden family, ruled by an enigmatic patriarch, Regis.


Within days other members of the family die in what may or may not be considered mysterious circumstances and the investigating detective calls upon Frieda to aid him in revealing the truth behind the fatalities.


Unused to family life, Frieda becomes enmeshed in a household where emotions run high.  With the help of her good friend, Charlotte Leicester, Frieda delves beneath familial resentment, jealousies and misplaced loyalties in order to catch a killer.


Retired widow, Charlotte Leicester is only too willing to help those in need, therefore, when asked to join the newly founded Community Development Initiative by the local doctor, she eagerly volunteers.  She is designated to assist a bedridden elderly woman, Doris Beech, and her downtrodden daughter, Annie, her mother's sole carer and an avid reader.  To brighten Annie's dull days, Charlotte asks her good friend, Frieda Keeler, a ghost writer, to come to tea for a cheery chat.  Knowing no good deed goes unpunished, Frieda reluctantly agrees, only to discover she feels sorry for Annie, a woman of her own age, who lives in Battersea, an area of London where she grew up.


An unexplained death sends Frieda and Charlotte on a quest to find the truth about the lives and past loves of the two women, unveiling a web of lies, deceit and the abominable acts of an insidious killer.


This is the fifth book in the TREE SERIES of murder mysteries, set in England in the 1950s, featuring best friends, Frieda and Charlotte, but each book is an adventure in itself and can be read on its own.

Frieda Keeler agrees to accompany her good friend, Charlotte Leicester, on a long weekend away to the idyllic countryside of southeast England.


In search of a good school for her granddaughter Charlotte encourages Frieda to visit Pinewood Preparatory School for Young Ladies but, what initially for Frieda is a haunting trip down memory lane, soon becomes a murder investigation when the much hated PE teacher is found dead in the new gymnasium.


Frieda and Charlotte find themselves aiding the police with their enquiries, puzzling out how and why the PE teacher was killed minutes after the students had left for the half-term holiday.


Pinewood Preparatory School for Young Ladies, built during the Victorian era, holds many secrets and the mystery deepens when a second teacher is found hanging in a nearby copse of pine trees the following morning.  Has she been murdered or taken her own life?


All the teachers come under suspicion and, amidst a torrent of lies, deceit and mistrust, Frieda and Charlotte strive to uncover the truth.


This murder mystery is set near Epsom, Surrey in 1956 and features the two heroines in the TREE SERIES of whodunits written by A E Chambers.  Although the sixth book in the illustrious series, this novel can be read on its own.


Not all mysteries involve murder as Cassie Foxwood discovers in A.E.Chambers' two contemporary novels: REPREHENSIBLE & OPPROBRIOUS

Cassie Foxwood would lead a quiet life if it wasn't for two people: her dowager aunt, who requests she discover the truth about her granddaughter's new beau, and her ditzy neighbour, who needs assistance when her nine-year-old son is caught with unsavoury contents in his school bag.


Armed with only her wits and womanly wiles, Cassie's fatal decision to help leads to surprising discoveries in London and Chester, trials and tribulations in the West of Ireland and a complicated love life.


Revealing a Hydra's head of lies, misogyny, betrayal, theft and abandonment, within a few days Cassie is embroiled in an imbroglio from which there is no escape.


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Reprehensible Book Cover Copy for Kindle

Cassie Foxwood is back!

Hurting from a recent betrayal by so called friends, a fitter, more cynical Cassie heads to a local bar, where she inadvertently overhears an enigmatic conversation.  Intrigued, Cassie travels across England to the Sligo, in the west of Ireland, once again discovering, not all bad behaviour is a crime.

Armed only with her quick wits and womanly wiles, she sets out to right some fraudulent wrongs, uncovering and creating lies, deceit and deception on the way.  However, reconciliation is on the agenda too thereby, despite a few misgivings, friendships are renewed and a romance rekindled.

Cassie's second adventure is a rollicking read, bringing to the fore costly opprobrious conduct, often overlooked, but a daily occurrence.

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The county of Suffolk is an ideal place to set upbeat, light-hearted reads.  The IT OUT series of books features a plethora of characters, all of whom live in a fictitious village in this beautiful part of England.

Her divorce has left Laura embittered, but set on making a new life for herself.  Moving from London to a village in Suffolk, she is encouraged by a couple of self help books, her new found friend, Gladys, and amiable publican, William, to dip her toe back into the dating pool.


And there's no shortage of eligible men: Andrew, the football lover, Malcolm the burly builder, suave, Silver Fox Simon, with a passion for vintage motorcycles and the sexy Titan gardener, Terry Greene, all create a collage of havoc.


A lover of crossword puzzles and quizzes, Laura is faced with life's conundrum when it comes to love and is set the task of puzzling it out!

puzzling it out.jpg
Fathom it out.jpg

Strange events are happening in the village.  Terry Greene, the handsome gardener, who sets all female hearts aflutter, finds a half drowned Golden Retriever at the back of a client's garden, and Oliver, a scholarly, thirteen-year-old lexicographer, comes home with a black eye.  Other dogs are going missing too and members of the local book club, who meet at The Crown and Sixpence, are most concerned.


To add to all the mystery, Gladys, a retired widow, already acquainted with Oliver, is asked to look into the lad's uncharacteristic behaviour by his godfather, William.  She then strikes up an unlikely friendship with eighteen-year-old Karen and her newly acquired Pomeranian.  Thereby Gladys is reminded of the vagaries of youth.


On top of all the mystery and youthful shenanigans, the church fete is on Saturday, where stalls have to be manned and money has to be raised.


The loveable characters from Puzzling It Out are reunited in this entertaining tale of surprising friendships and skulldoggery!

Romance is alive and kicking in two easy to read novels:

Make All the Difference and Change of Plans

In a local coffee shop Tina, dismayed with her depleted finances, volunteers to help a young boy with his maths homework.


The chance encounter with Zeb and his father leads to new experiences and new opportunities.


Sometimes it makes all the difference to step up and take a chance.
Cover for Change of Plans.jpg

Geraldine's life is planned with deliberate care.  Her mother is arranging her impending marriage to Jonathan, who organises her social calendar, even her boss sets her work duties.


A meeting with her best friend gives Geraldine food for thought, resulting in her acting spontaneously for the first time in her twenty-three years!

Short story books are easy to read and offer something for everyone. 

Cover 2 for Take Ten.jpg

Take ten minutes out of your day and sit back, relax and enjoy a short story.  Read it alone, or to a family member, or share it with a friend.


These ten stories are written to appeal to everyone, of all ages and they are arranged so that the shortest one is first, the longest, last.



Some of the stories are based on true events, others created from the author's


Photo of Take Ten More.jpg

A E Chambers would love to know your favourite

Enjoy five uplifting stories set over the festive season of Christmas and New Year.


In A Christmas Reunion, Nicola moves into a country cottage and makes a mystical discovery.


A seven-and-three-quarter-year-old boy ponders the actualities of Christmas in the story, Doubting David.  Parents please note: this story may spoil Christmas for young readers.


Barbara and Clare do a good turn an evening before Christmas in The Bag Lady and Carol experiences an embarrassing situation on New Year's Eve in A Perfect Fit.


The final story, A Boy Of His Word, is loosely based on a true event that took place on St Stephen's Day in the 1970s.

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Writing essays on Shakespeare will not prove difficult with these comprehensive guides

These comprehensive notes to Shakespeare's Hamlet introduce examination candidates to a sophisticated analysis of characters, themes, imagery and techniques which will make the writing of essays so much easier.

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This guide to Othello will assist in the writing of essays on characters, themes, imagery, techniques and soliloquies.


There are plans for essays too to lighten the academic load.

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Othello Cover 2016-2.jpg
Cover for Macbeth.jpg

Known as the Bloody Play, this guide to Macbeth will assist in understanding characters, themes, imagery and techniques employed by Shakespeare.


What is more there are examples of essay plans to get you started.

With everything you need to write an essay on King Lear, this comprehensive guide will assist in achieving high marks.

Cover for King Lear.jpg
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