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Chambers at Large Admiring The Sueno Stone, near Forres, Scotland

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Once in a while when travelling I come across an artefact that is totally out of place opening up a barrage of questions. The Sueno Stone is one such artefact.

This six metre high stone, a fine representation of Pictish art is standing under ‘glass’ in a cul-de-sac just off the A96, running between Elgin and Inverness. I wrongly assumed the stone had been found in situ, but I was told it was discovered a few miles away, begging my first question, why was it erected here?

I have no answer, only knowing that the Picts were the descendants of native Iron Age tribes and occupied lands to the north of Scotland from 3AD . I believe they were one the tribes who kept the Romans at bay, but I may have gleaned this from watching too many HBO historic series with added dramatic effect.

My second question was ‘what does it depict?’ But no-one knows what the symbols, carefully carved into the stone, actually mean. However, it is easy to recognise the carvings of people, animals and a large Celtic cross which takes up one side of the stone. Theories have been put forward stating the stone tells of a battle, but what battle remains a mystery.

Being a fan of Shakespeare I did like the story that this marks the spot where Macbeth met the three witches and if the stone breaks the three she-devils will be unleashed on the world. Fully aware that the three witches had incredible powers and only spoke the truth, albeit in riddles, I’m not sure their appearance would be a bad idea during a time of ‘fake news’ and ‘social media’ hype.

Despite not knowing much about the Sueno Stone, it is quite impressive and a reminder that people throughout the ages love to tell stories, create artworks and leave a memoir of their existence. If only we actually knew the real story of their lives.


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I had never heard of this stone before. Thanks for educating me.

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