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Chambers at Large on the Banks of Lough Erne, County Fermanagh

Fermanagh is a beautiful lakeland county in Northern Ireland, with plenty to explore. I took a walk around the shores of Lower Lough Erne this November (2019) and came upon a few surprises.

Lower Lough Erne on a beautiful winter's morning in November

In the summer people swim in the lake and I may take the plunge next year if the weather hits thirty degrees in June, as it did this year in many localities.

Reflections on and over Lough Erne

However, this winter day, despite the sun shine, there was a nip in the air, but little no wind, thus the lake was as still as glass, reflecting the clear azure sky.

The walkways through the nearby forest and along the lake shore are well signposted, but I kept a close eye on my bearings.

Fabulous walkways through the trees and along the lake shore

I didn’t take many minutes to come across the ruins of Caldwell Castle, a large manor house, which once overlooked the lake.

Beneath the greenery are the walls of, what was once, Castle Caldwell, a glorious Manor House.

Imagination is needed to visualise it in its full glory as the remaining walls are covered in green ivies and creepers.

Lime kiln in amongst the trees, hidden away but accessible by the lakeshore pathway

Walking on further I came across a lime kiln, another throwback to a day gone by.

A ruined church is hidden beneath the trees.

The grounds of Castle Caldwell are also the homeplace of a small ruined church and cemetery. Like the manor house the stone work is being invaded by vegetation, the tombs covered in bright green moss, yet engravings can be spotted on the walls under the trees.

Engraving on the ruined church wall.

A shower of rain forced me to return to the car and on to Belleek, a small town near the lake, where I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in one of the coffee shops. I then made a quick visit to Belleek China where I pottered around (pardon the pun), buying a butter dish at a reasonable price.

Belleek China, where I pottered for a while.

A morning well spent: a beautiful walk, a cup of good coffee and a mooch around the town of Belleek. I thoroughly recommend a walk around Castle Caldwell and Lower Lough Erne, I will certainly be going back some fine day.

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