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Chambers at Large in Shanghai

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

My first impression of Shanghai was smog – or at least dull cloud, which overhung and obscured the skyscrapers. It’s a relatively new city, therefore very modern and reminiscent of New York with its under and over passes, Cairo with crazy traffic and Marrakech for the wiring running overhead. Otherwise its rows upon rows of high-rise flats, banks, office buildings under which are assorted shops, businesses, restaurants cafes.

Crossing the road was a nightmare, not that I had to do it often, but it took ages to travel from A to B, the traffic being bumper to bumper, with the added chaos of bicycles, scooters and an amalgam thereof. What did strike me was the lack of noise. No hootin’ or tootin’ I’ve come to expect in foreign traffic. In fact, I’d consider the Chinese people to be quite relaxed. No-one seemed to be in a hurry and people seem to glide along the roads and pavements rather than hustle and bustle like semi-starved rats.

The roads were lined with trees, in some areas decorated with lights, lit up at night like Christmas trees, all adding to this multicoloured city of neon and skyscrapers.

Shanghai at Night

The light show costing almost half a million dollars per night was phenomenal.

Travelling by boat to see the light show

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